★Mamechiyo Modern★

If you have ever visited our Kyoto stores, wandered on our website or simply because you are a kimono addict, you probably have heard the name ”Mamechiyo Modern”.


Well in all case, let us introduce you to this amazing kimono avant-garde designer!

Mamechiyo is a Kimono Designer, a Kimono Stylist and the representative of ”Mamechiyo Modern”. As she managed to re-insert the kimono into the modern everyday wardrobe, Mamechiyo is considered as a pioneer and a strong pillar of the post-war kimono revival. Her original brand, ”Mamechiyo Modern”, manage to transcend the ”boundary between antique and modern” and the ”boundary between Japanese and Western style” harmoniously through innovative designs. The charming pop aspect of her creations seduces the youngs and the legitimate elegance of the brand conquers the heart of the veteran kimono lovers. Mamechiyo also spread her passion and expertise for kimonos through TV, magazines, advertisements, cinema, theater, TV drama and various contributions with famous names and institutions such as Shu Uemura, Blythe, SAISON Cards, Daio Paper Corporation, etc. She also have a valued presence overseas by hosting the one month ”World of Mamechiyo” exhibition in Toronto and by adding permanently ”Mamechiyo Modern” kimonos to the collection of the Royal V&A Museum (Fashion & Design National Museum) in Great-Britain. Two books have also been published about her work; ”Mamechiyo’s Modern Kimonos” and ”Mamechiyo Kimono À La Mode”. Besides she appeared various time on TV; for instance as lecturer for NHK ”Oshare Koubou”, on NHK ”Grand Jeté featuring Mamechiyo”, on NHK-BS ”The Shounen Gorakubu Premium” (MC・TOKIO Mr. Koubun Taichi) and a lot of other medias such as video, radio and magazines.

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