Yukata Wargo x UUUM Youtubers Girls Event

Hello everyone! Today we will share more photos from last week event  ~

On August 30th, Wargo had the pleasure to collaborate with 23 YouTuber girls from UUUM ♪ They are a company which manage and promoting many youtubers in Japan with thousands hundred to million subscriber. Dressed up in yukata, they enjoyed the houseboat “yakatabune” course in Sumida river area, Asakusa.

Even their huge-green mascot Gachapin is also came and wearing yukata xD

Look at some of the photos that they uploaded in their SNS accounts here!

There are still many of them, search for the rest in our Instagram page ^^







These lovely items they wearing is Wargo original-designed brand :

yukata “Hiyori” ,

hair accessories “Kanzashi-ya” and

japanese maiko umbrella “Hokusai Graphic”

all of them can be rented in all Wargo branch stores! 

For those who interested in buying one, go to our online store or any selling stores which have so many branch in all around Japan! Check out this link below ~

Reservation for Yukata/Kimono 

The Ichi Official Site