Let’s Dress Up in Kimono and enjoy Moon Festival in Kyoto!

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Typhoon has gone, but it rained sometimes…

It is the sign… when night become cooler, this is the beginning of autumn.

Do you have decided any plan to enjoy this month in very Japanese way? Why do not you enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto while watching the moon floating in the night sky of autumn?

This year the full moon of Mid Autumn is September 24!

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The month of the night of the 15th August 15th of the lunar calendar is called Mid autumn moon. Here is some events that will take place in some of shrines in Kyoto on that day ~

♥ Yasaka Shrine Gion company Shimoku Festival

♥ Matsuo Taisha Shrine Festival

♥ Kamigamo Shrine Kamo Mochizuki Festival Tsukimi Dango

(Requires a numbered ticket of 300 people)

♥ Shimogamo Shinto Shrine Moon Corps Festival

♥ Kyoto Botanical Gardens Evening Appreciation Evening

Please refer to each official website for detailed time and place etc ~

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it would be perfect to last this day while wearing kimono, and eat some Tsukimi dumplings ♪

Since there are many places to do from the evening, you can enjoy the day in Kyoto city without fail during the daytime

+ ゚ crawling through. + ゚ (o (. · Д ·. O). + ゚ ゥ き き き.

Or it will be just right to join the Moon Festival after it got cooler in evening

Kyoto Kimono rental wargo has the option of returning the next day !

Why do not you watch kimono for a full moon and enjoy it slowly?


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