Wear Kimono in Arashiyama Famous Autumn Leaves Spot

Arashiyama in autumn is perfect for kimono!

Do you have a plan to visit Japan in this autumn season? Have you made your mind and itinerary to make the best trip ever with breath taking scenery, and unforgettable memories?
We will introduce some must-visit spot in this area for you! 

🍁 Sagano Romantic Train
There are autumn leaves on almost all lines and you will be able to enjoy the autumn leaves while riding. There seems to be light up at night, too! Since the period has been decided, please check and try to visit this attraction !

🍁 Jojakko-ji Temple
This temple is familiar with autumn leaves from the Heian era! One of power-spot, a good place to sit and refresh your thoughts while exploring Arashiyama. It’s got one little pagoda and is surrounded by many trees. 

🍁 Tenryu-ji Temple
The best attractions are “Chunguyuji Garden”!

One of the good choice for you who like historical buildings, Japanese garden and of course enjoying the beautiful foliage.

To the south of the temple the Katsura River emerges from the rugged Hozu Gorge and is spanned by picturesque Togetsu-kyo (Rising Moon Bridge). On the hills just west of the temple one finds Kameyama Park. In times past all of these places were located on Tenryu-ji’s precincts. (http://www.tenryuji.com)

🍁 Togetsukyo Bridge
No more comments, the view from Togetsukyo Bridge is masterpiece!

You can choose to see this bridge from faraway, crossing the bridge walking or riding human rickshaw (jinrikisha) or take a boat which sail along the river. Do not forget to take stroll to the bamboo groove and kimono forest too! ^^

How is it? Arashiyama is full of autumn leaves spot!

If you make it to visit Kyoto in this season,

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