Beautiful Scenery in Jikishian Temple Kyoto

“I see the turning of leaf dancing in the autumn sun, and briliant shades of crimson glowing when the day is done.”

ーHazelmarie Mattie Elliot


Time passes and the temperature in Japan decreasing …

Anyone who is planning to come to Japan must be prepared to wear warm clothes, ok! It was just yesterday that the yellow and red momiji and gingko leaves beautifully decorated the streets in Kyoto, Tokyo and other regions in Japan … soon we have to say good bye to them.

But do not worry!

Because even after autumn, the kimono can still be worn in cold weather / winter!

There are also many events and activities that you can enjoy too.

Look forward to the information from our blog and SNS ^^

Also, there is still Afternoon Discount Campaign in Wargo!

until the end of February 2019, 500 yen discount will be applied for reservations above 13:00 ~

* Discounts of – 300 yen for Petit stores

* promos are not available at Osaka, Dazaifu and Formal stores.

Please try using kimono starting from the lowest price, 2,400yen!!!



Here is a beautiful photo of Wargo lovely customer in Jikishian Temple, Kyoto.

The temple that has a beautiful view, a Japanese-style garden that is decorated by the red leaves of momiji in autumn. A suitable place to avoid crowds at other popular Kyoto attractions!


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