Bloom in Spring with Kimono and Your Family!

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From today now on, we will share some photos of our customers who had a photo session outside of our store as well! Please kindly check these gorgeous photos out.

Outdoor Photo Session Plan


Who wouldn’t want to capture their memorable moments during their trip in Japan beautifully dressed in kimono? Kimono Rental Wargo, affiliated with one of great photography company is proud to support you by providing professional photographers/cameraman to meet your request of having memorable outdoor photo session service in Japan! 

High-quality edited photos can be chosen from 75 to 100 pictures taken in the 2 or 3-hour session. Check out one of our customers’ photo session with their family below! They are customers from Indonesia, with a total of nine people in the group! They reserved for Couple Kimono Plan and Children Kimono Plan. also Outdoor photo session for their photo shoot.

Actually, we suggest our customers of having photo-shoot up to five people to have better photo quality and quantity, but nothing is impossible! Just give us your request and our cameraman will help you to find the best solution.

It takes around 60-90 minutes of kimono dressing in our kimono rental shop. It depends on how long the customers’ preference for choosing kimono and hairdo, also the condition of the store at the time. In peak season, there is a big possibility that you might be waiting for a while if you do not have a reservation.

Soo, they had a wonderful outdoor photo session back in Spring! ^^

Location: Maruyama Park & Arashiyama, Kyoto








Special Weekdays Campaign Discount

For every time slot in weekends,  JYP -1000 discount is still available until the end of January.

Do not miss this chance to wear kimono with even cheaper price!


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