Lunch in Ginza with Formal Kimono “Houmongi”

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Several days ago, the finalists of Mrs. International Japan wears a formal kimono called “Houmongi” and gathers together in The Grand Ginza, one of the most favorite classy district in Tokyo !

Houmongi is one of the formal kimono that can be worn by married and unmarried woman, and are commonly used in tea ceremonies, wedding invitations, university graduations, parties, and many other events. 

Of course tourists and foreigners may try to wear these clothes. We look forward to welcoming you in our store! Take a look to their moments here ~


In another occasion, Mrs. International 2018 Lauren and the other Mrs. International finalists from Japan enjoyed kimono “Houmongi”  experience for the first time and walked around Ginza for shopping, they are all also greeted by many tourist in the area.


So beautiful aren’t they? ^^

not only houmongi kimono, we also provide many other type of kimono such as furisode, hakama, tomesode, etc. Casual kimono for sightseeing purpose also available with affordable rent price start from ¥2,900!

Visit us at the new branch shop in Ginza and share your Kimono moments with Wargo! 


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