Please Come and Enjoy Autumn in Arashiyama

Hello, Kimono Rental Wargo Arashiyama Eki-mae store here~

Since autumn is here, it’s almost time for autumn foliages viewing season.
And speaking of autumn foliages, Kyoto is one of the most popular place to see them.
And speaking of Kyoto, it means kimono!
We are so happy to see the increasing number of people who are sightseeing in Kyoto with kimonos.

Among the many sightseeing spots in Kyoto, the favorite spot to view autumn leaves is Arashiyama, and according to the news, there were so many people visited Arashiyama in autumn last year that it took almost an hour to go across Togetsukyo bridge.

The mountains of Arashiyama are getting colored little by little.
Sakura / cherry blossom viewing in spring, autumn moon viewing and autumnal leaf hunting in Arashiyama area are said to have started in the Heian period by Emperor Saga along with the aristocrats.
We hope you too can enjoy the autumn leaves hunting while dressed in kimono as if you were one of the nobles of the Heian period.

Recently, the number of students wearing kimono on school excursions and sightseeing programs to Kyoto is increasing, and we are very happy to see it (^o^)

It may take some time for the autumn leaves to become full-bloom, but the “Arashiyama Maple Festival” will be held on November 10th and the boating of the Heian period will be revived upstream of Togetsukyo Bridge!

From November 8th to December 1st, “Shinku no Mizukagami” or “Crimson Water Mirror” would be held at Daikakuji Temple, in this event you get to see the absolutely beautiful crimson colors of the leaves reflected in the clear Osawa-no-ike pond.
In this light up event, wearing kimono is a must!
We also offer “returning the next day plan” that will allow you to stay until late at night, so you can enjoy the event with kimono until your heart’s content (^-^)
Also during the daytime there will be a chrysanthemum exhibition from November 1st, so please spend an extraordinary and elegant day on this occasion (^-^) /

We are looking forward to helping you to make many many wonderful memories in Kyoto.

The weather is surely getting more and more cold from now on, but we will also be preparing haori and muffler / neck warmer, so please don’t worry about the cold (^-^)

Next, it is time for this week’s customer introduction.
Thank you so much for visiting Kimono Rental Wargo Arashiyama Eki-mae store!



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