Autumn-Winter Light Up Events in Arashiyama

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Today blog is from kimono rental wargo Arashiyama Togetsukyo store!

Autumn has come to its peak time and the red autumn leaves season soon will pass in a blink of an eye! Have you managed to make your visit to Japan in autumn season?

As usual in every year of this period, a lot of customers are coming to wargo ♪

Of course the same condition outside our store, everywhere is packed with many person!

The scenery of foliage in Arashiyama is also very vivid ♪

with contrast color of red · green · yellow ♪ (‘▽ `)

Taking photo with your kimono here will be very stunning without a doubt.

Lighting up of the night where you can see the scenery differently from the daytime is also very nice, so here we will introduce some light up / illumination events in Arashiyama ♡



[[ Daimyoji ]]

The magical treasure tower projected on the surface of the water and the silhouette of it emerging in the dark of the night have a nicely mysterious atmosphere, isn’t it?

Lighting up is taking place with more development of lights illumination.

Period : November 9th – December 2nd
Time : 17: 30-20: 00



[[ Hanatouro / Light and Blossom Pathway ]]

Although it is a while ahead, here is one event that always attract many tourist to come here! The Hanatouro or literally have meaning of [Light and Blossom Pathway] in Arashiyama! ♡

“Kyoto · Arashiyama Flower Light Road”, using consept of “lights” from the open air lanterns using LED bulbs that arch beautiful night scenery in the shadows of Saga-Arashiyama area, this created a gorgeous walking path that was directed to exhibition of some “flower arrangements” which are the works of many Ikebana masterpieces.


Also, the small area of bamboo forest that connects from Togetsukyo Bridge to Nogashi Shrine to Okochi Sanso garden is lighted up as well! This season you can feel the beauty of Kyoto in early winter expressed by “light” and “flower”


Schedule: 8th December – 17th December 2018
Time: 17: 00 ~ 20: 30

Official Website : http://www.hanatouro.jp/e/arashiyama/



It is wonderful that the light-up in the evening can be enjoyed with going out in kimono outfit, don’t you think so? You can also have a night photo shooting as well… ^^

Please do not forget that we have the next day return options for 1,000yen only!

Oh, also not to forget to remind you,

Arashiyama in the night will also gets cold… (; ‘Д `)

We are also provide cute haori coat and stole to suit you, so we recommend you to go out with our optional cold weather protection ♪ (‘▽ `)

Well then we will introduce our customers of this week ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


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