Be a samurai!!

Some people seems to think that men dress in kimono or yukata only to match their girlfriend as you would coordinate a pair of shoes with your purse.

Gentlemen, stop considering yourself as a matching pouch for your beloved!! As kimono used to dress both women and men, you can have as much personality as she does when you wear one!!

Men’s gowns are simpler; usually plain earthy colored or covered with slight motifs. Also, the obi is a way smaller and knotted in an easier way than women’s ones. Seeing how menswear improved and got crazier nowadays, I would say that there is a lot of room for men’s kimono and yukata improvements. Still, those basics will not let you down expressing all your manliness and attitude!! ^^

For some obscure reason, male customers often come with a big group. Alone or with friends, there is no problem for Wargo to turn you up into a pack of samurais!! We are looking forward meeting you and your brotherhood anytime!!











Those guys doesn’t look awesome!? (`◕‸◕ ‘+)

Time traveling is definitely and edgy thing to do with friends!!

If you are looking forward coming with a large group, know for the records that Wargo offers a 10% discount for 8 people or more crews!! We also deal special price if you come with 20 people or more!!

Feel free to contact us when your plans are settled!!

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