Beautiful and Warm♪

Hello everyone!

This is Kyoto Kimono rental Kyoto Tower shop ^ o ^

I always hear the status of autumnal leaves of the spots that the customers went for the day, but this year it seems to be peak soon and it seems to be scattering during this month.

It’s getting colder and colder and the trees get ready for winter preparation too. We also have to prepare for this harsh winter!

Even when you are wearing kimono, you can warmly wear your own underwear.

Here are some notes! I will tell you a guide for choosing underwear!

The kimono does not fit firmly around the neck, and since there is skin showing of the back of the neck, when the underwear is perfect around the neck it will be shown (; ‘ Д `)

In that case, there can also be cases where you wear the back to front and wear the worst underwear.

Some points to look out for, when you wear a kimono.

1 Widely opened neckline!
2 That the two sleeves are half arm length, so they don’t come out of the kimono sleeve!
3 Leggings should be knee length, or leggings a little under the knees!

But it is better. In any case it is important not to show your underwear while wearing Kimono!

Please enjoy in Kyoto, the warm and beautiful appearance of the coming season♪

Let me share some photos of the customer today!







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