Taking a Walk in Autumn at Daikakuji Temple and Osawa Pond

Hello Kimono Rental Wargo Togetsukyo store here.

If you come to Arashiyama looking for a destination where you can enjoy the beauty of Kyoto’s ancient temples where not so many tourists are around, we have a recommendation for you. Let us introduce you to “Daikakuji”.

“Daikakuji” has a vast site and is known as the main temple of the Shingon Buddhism Daikakuji School, which has a history of more than 1200 years. It is a temple that was built as a detached Imperial Palace of the Emperor Saga in the Heian period. In the precincts, the main halls such as “Godaidō”,” Shōshinden”, “Miedō”, and “Shingyōden” are connected by each corridor. Take a leisurely walk through the corridors that are polished and shining.

On the east side of the precincts, there is “Osawa Pond”, which has the circumference around 1 kilometer. It seems that the precincts and Osawa Pond are often used for filming movies and television shows. You may encounter a filming spot by chance while walking around this area.

Walking around and taking pictures of the garden and the temples in the quiet atmosphere will definitely make you forget the flow of time. We recommend this place if you want to spend some peaceful time in a quiet place. In the peak of the autumn leaves viewing season, this place would likely be crowded with visitors, so it’s better to visit it as soon as you can.

Of course, you can rent a kimono at our store before taking a walk around Daikakuji and Osawa Pond to make your visit more memorable. We will be waiting for you at Kimono Rental Wargo Togetsukyo store.

Then, here are some photos of the customers who visited our store! Thank you very much! See you again!







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