Fancy Belts do not change the World but…

We like to speak about kimono as a whole or an entity, but we forget to focus on it’s precise anatomy and all the ingredients that help it become this fabulous colorful piece of art.

That is why we would like to observe one minute to appreciate the wonderful cherry on the cake that is the obi.

The obi is the fusion between various cords, sash and belts for closing the kimono. The style and complexity varies through history and also according to the status of the person wearing it. There is over twenty types (Of basic cuts, if we include the women, men and children ones together.) of obi that can be shaped using about twelve basic knots.

The choice of the obi can be a very intense task and might sometimes cost more than the whole kimono itself.

Nowadays we observe a thousand possibilities of style fabric and decorative way to assemble it.

If you want to push the limit of your imagination, explore new way and who-knows maybe building your own original obi, you are welcome to join us at Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo. We will be more than please to support your architectural belt craft.

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We invite you to enjoy those creative and mesmerizing obi knot as today’s blog closure.

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