Foliage Season Meets Arashiyama, Kyoto

Today blog is from Kimono rental wargo Arashiyama Togetsukyo store.

November has arrived ~
The season of autumn leaves and momiji, gingko has come.
It is hot around noon but it is cold again in the evening!
It is also a perfect season for people to wear thicker clothes, and of course, kimono~

For kimono, there is 3 layers which consist of hadagi / underwear, nagajuban, and then kimono.
We will put a towel for make the shape more pretty,and tie it up with obi belt bands.

Since Arashiyama will cool down after 3 o’clock, for that time
We also offer kimono coat, haori and stole or fake fur as options.

Is it cold if it is a kimono?

If you are worried about it, do not worry!

Many people who even not used to living in 4 season country, can enjoy their experience wearing kimono in any season, and also winter.
We do suggest to wear warm inner like heattech and bring kairo pack if it is needed~

At a customer who visited the other day on a friend’s birthday, and make this kimono rental experience for a surprise!

Recently we have many guests on school trips too.

We are happy to see our customers happy ♪
Hope everyone can enjoyed wearing kimono wihh us ♪

The autumn leaves of Arashiyama are wonderful so please come along!

And here are our lovely customers ^^


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