Do You Know About Han-eri??

Hello! Kimono Rental Wargo Okinawa Naha OPA store here.

This time, we would like to explain about “Han-eri” (半衿)!!

As you may know, Han-eri (neckpiece / added collar) is the collar that is attached to the Nagajiban / undergarment clothes worn under kimono.

Nagajiban has an important role in protecting the kimono directly from dirt, sebum and sweat.

Attach Han-eri to the collar of Nagajiban so that the Nagajiban’s collar does not get dirty.
Han-eri is not only used to protect Nagajiban’s collar from dirt, it is also a point to make you look more stylish!!

Usually, white Han-eri is the most used type, but when wearing a furisode kimono to Seijin-shiki ceremony, or wearing a kimono as a fashion statement, you can use a Han-eri with embroidery to manifest a unique look.

Han-eri collars are now on sale at Wargo Naha OPA store!!
We offer a wide variety of Han-eri, from the ones with flowers embroidery to those with unique patterns.

The price for each item is 990 yen (excluding tax)!!
It is very affordable!
In addition, various accessories are on sale as well!
Please come to Kimono Rental Wargo Naha OPA store and check them out!!


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