Hatsumode with Kimono★ Easy Kimono Rental at Wargo ♪

Hello, Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan-chiku store here!
Winter vacation is here, so the number of people visiting the Kurashiki Bikan district has increased!

Here is the New Year schedule at Wargo Kurashiki Bikan District store:
We will be closed for two days: December 31 2019, and January 1 2020
Other than those two days, we will be open every day ★

There is a shrine called [Achi Shrine] in the Bikan district, and they are holding a mochi-tsuki event on New Year’s Day, as well as flutes and dances performances, so the shrine would probably be crowded ☆


The shrine is calm and enjoyable, with not too many people visiting it, so it’s perfect for Hatsumode ☆

In Kimono Rental Wargo, you can rent a haori or a warm scarf to wear over the kimono, so you can enjoy kimono comfortably even in the cold season (^_-)-☆

Haori on kimono ☆


Haori + warm scarf ☆


Please visit Kimono Rental Wargo during the New Year holiday and enjoy a lovely vacation in Kurashiki Bikan-chiku while wearing kimono!

We also want to introduce you to a popular restaurant where a long queue would form in front of the shop every day at Kurashiki Shoutengai.

The store’s name is “Kappa.”


Its specialty is tonkatsu dish, but there are plenty of other menus such as fried shrimp, croquette, & pork steak ☆

Here is the most popular menu at this restaurant:
“Tonkatsu Teishoku”

The teishoku/meal set consists of a thick meat that is crispy on the outside yet juicy on the inside, and demiglace sauce on it ★

For those who have some extra time, we really recommend you to visit this restaurant and try this dish♪

Here are some of the customers who came to our store this week ☆



We look forward to your visit at Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan-chiku store!


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