Human Blossoms

Yesterday we were celebrating the minds that built this country; today let’s celebrate the landscape that covers it by the behalf of the Greenery Day!

This holiday appeared in 1989 after the death of the Showa Emperor and was originally celebrated on April 29th. It has been move since 2007 to May 4th. (April 29th honoring now the Emperor; May 4th giving homage to his passion for nature.) Fun fact is that until 2007 this day was called ”in between day” according to the Japanese rule that convert any day between two holidays into a holiday itself.

People all-around the country celebrate nature by planting trees, doing picnic, playing outdoor or attending places such as zoo. (Which are free of entrance or offer major discount comparatively to the rest of the year.)

Become a fabulous flower yourself for Greenery Day and rent a kimono now!

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