Kanzashi? What?

Do you know about kanzashi?

      A Kanzashi is a traditional hairpin from Japan found under a million of different shapes and colors. For a long time only maiko and geisha were wearing it. Quickly women became aware of their beauty and started to use them too! Nowadays it’s very common for women to put them in their hair when they are wearing traditional clothes. As a new trend it isn’t rare to see the young generation combine them with casual clothes too!

It would be hard to introduce every kanzashi style in one blog as there is so many of them!! They vary in patterns, fabrics, etc. Just to name a few, the most popular are the tonbodama, tsumami, zaiku, futamata-kanzashi, etc…

  As a part of the culture, it’s pretty easy to find those in Japan. As a sister brand of the Wagokoro group, we would like to introduce you to our store chain ”Kanzashiya Wargo”. As the name says, it’s a shop 103% dedicated to the production and selling of kanzashi!! And trust me, they push the limit of imagination to both offer traditional and very modern unusual designs!!

     For foreigners and travelers, it presents an amazing alternative to the usual chopsticks or paper fan as a travel gift to your relatives!! If skeptical, just pass by Kimono Rental Wargo to try some with your yukata rental! Just to make it better, kanzashi rental is free at Wargo!! It’s a chance that you cannot miss!! We are looking forward serving you in store! (⌒▽⌒)♡ 





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