Kimono rental Wargo Year-end business hours

It’s only 5 days left before 2017 !!!

Thank you for choosing us for your kimono rental service ! This year too will be over soon… So before it’s too late, we want to notice you about business hours of each wargo’s stores. Because we understand that there are many people who want to wear kimono especially on the first day of the year to the temple or shrines,  some of our stores are OPEN !!

So it’s a nice chance to try this Japanese culture called “hatsumode” with us !

Here is the list (o^ ^o) ♪
■Kyoto area
・Kyoto Tower store:OPEN ALL DAY
31th Dec(Friday)〜 3rd Jan(Tuesday)Closed

■Osaka area
・Shinsaibashi store…~31th Dec:11:00-18:30
New year:Closed
■Kanto area
・Kamakura:31th Dec(Friday)〜 3rd Jan(Tuesday)Closed

■Hokuriku area
・Kanazawa Korinbo…~31th Dec:OPEN ALL DAY
New year:Closed

If you want to consult anything, don’ be hesitate to contact us for further information (ノ*゚▽゚*)

Here is some of our lovely guests !




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