Kimono vs. Yukata

Difference between yukata and kimono often brings confusion among people. 
Actually, the world of kimono could be in a simpler way separated in eight different types.
But let’s not fall in the ”too much information” for today and focus on the kimono vs. yukata comparison. 
As we announced a few days earlier, we will soon enter the yukata season. But why call it like this? What is so much better about the yukata you might think.
Actually, there is nothing better or worst about it. Both kimono and yukata are amazing beautiful pieces of culture. The main idea of interchanging their seasons is a purpose one!
adv-yukata-girl-en adv-yukata-men-en
Japanese summer is extremely hot. We do not call it the ”Land of the Rising Sun” for nothing! That’s when the yukata with is lighter fabrics and few layers become your best friend!
adv-kimono-girl-en adv-kimono-men-en
Paradoxically, the kimono with is a rich variety of textile and layers become a savior in winter times! How come would you be able to stand all night outside at the temple to celebrate the new year for example?
We are presently at the crossroad period where both can be wear without problem. Do not miss the chance to experiment the joys of the kimono and the yukata simultaneously by reserving now in one of our shops!