Kimono Rental Wargo’s Zouri (Kimono Sandals) Collection

This is Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo store (* ^^ *)

This time our staff specially made a feature for kimono sandals, zouri!

Of course when wearing kimono, the most charming point is the kimono itself with its obi belt, hairdo, and accessories like japanese bag, umbrella, and the hairpin kanzashi. But never underestimate the importance of this zouri! Because many of our customers are separated between, ones who find the zouri nicely fit on them so they do not feel tired, and the other ones are the unlucky who (mostly) do not take much attention when choosing this one of the kimono’s enjoyment measure, and left feeling a little bit sore in their legs…

In Wargo Korinbo store, from the beginning of the store’s opening
the kimono sandals or zouri were that came in last year.
But this time we will introduce the new collections!
About 70% of our zouri type is the new type (* `ω ‘)

Also these zouri is already included in our kimono plan.

But for Rain type of zouri, it cost some additional fee ♪

So now we will post photos in color order! (* `ω ‘)














That’s all!!


Most kinds have similar or the same pattern
And because we often have more than two stocks,
No need to worry that your favorite sandals will gone~

By the way, my favorite zouri is,
The one on the top right of the red photograph and the one on the right
It is the one on the lower right of the silver light blue series photo (* `ω ‘)

Depending on the color and atmosphere of your kimono,
You surely find your most favorite sandals (* ^^ *)

Lastly do not forget to take a full photo of your kimono looks, and also the “zouri looks”!!






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We can’t wait to hear from you ^^

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