Kitano Tenmangu Shrine | The Plum Flowers Are Blossoming!

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A month has already passed since we entered 2020.
Setsubun is over, so based on traditional Japanese calendar, we already entered spring!

By the way, February is also known as the exam season in Japan.
The students who are taking exams must be very nervous right now.
During this period, many students go to the shrine to pray for their success.
Kitano Tenmangu shrine in Kyoto is popular with students praying for success in exams because the deity was in his life a man of literature and knowledge, the deity is known as “Tenjin-san”.

In addition, in the New Year, Kitano Tenmangu shrine holds a special event called “Fudehajime Festival”, or commonly known as “Tenma-gaki”, an event to pray for the improvement of calligraphy ability.
You can see children and adults make calligraphy with brushes and inks during this event.
The winners can go inside the honden and receive a prize from the chief priest directly after receiving prayers.

This shrine is also famous for plum blossoms in spring and beautiful autumn leaves in fall.
When we visited the shrine last week, the plum blossoms were already blooming!

It would be great to visit this shrine and see the beautiful plum blossoms in gorgeous kimono (^^)/

Let’s take a look at our customers in beautiful kimono!
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