Large Size Yukata Are Also Available!!

Hello everyone!
Today’s blog comes from Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo Store!
The rain falls quite often throughout the year here in Kanazawa.
That’s why, instead of feeling disturbed by it, let’s focus on how to enjoy it!
And we’re so grateful for the [Umbrella Placement Project] (置き傘プロジェクト)
There are umbrellas placed on tourist information centers and shops throughout the city, anyone can borrow and use it for free!
It is OK to put the umbrella back in the designated places anywhere throughout the city.
It is nice because you don’t have to bring your own umbrella, and your belongings could be a little lighter!
You don’t have to worry when the rain falls suddenly!
Of course the scenery of Kanazawa is good on sunny days, but it also beautiful on rainy days!☔️
You can take more tasteful photos Kanazawa!
Kenrokuen looks more green, and the stone floor of the Higashichayamachi are shinier!

The 21st Century Museum of Art, Omicho Market, Ninja Temple, can be enjoyed indoor, so I recommend it even on rainy days!✨
And what recommend the most, is…
to go sightseeing with yukata!
There is no doubt that you can take photogenic photos wearing it!
This time, we would like to introduce you to some coordinates using big size yukata!

Standard Yukata

Optional bag, obi-dome (Ornament’s for Obi belt), sunshade

Standard Yukata

Optional bag, pattern obi belt, Maikogasa (Wargo’s original Japanese style umbrella)

Standard Yukata

Optional bag, obi-dome (Ornament’s for Obi belt), folding fan

Premium Yukata

Optional bag, obi-dome, sunshade

Premium Yukata

Optional bag, obi-dome, folding fan

Standard Yukata

Optional bag, pattern obi belt, obi-dome, sunshade
Depending on the accessories you choose, you can make your own unique yukata coordinate ❤️❤️
If you’re someone tall, or has a plump body,
Don’t worry!! We will help you find yukata that fits your size!
We are waiting for you!
Come to Kanazawa and enjoy its beauty while wearing yukata!


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