Let’s Wear Yukata in Summer Time!! ♡

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In Kyoto, the Yoiyama and the Yamaboko Parade of Gion Festival has ended, and summer is finally here! If you live in Kyoto, you may feel like summer is over as soon as the Gion Festival is over. But it’s actually the beginning of summer for students, since the summer vacation has just started (^^) Make your summer vacation more fun with Yukata!
Yukata rental is available to all of you who want to see fireworks shows, summer festivals, and even to take commemorative photos while you’re in Kyoto. Some people may be worried that it would be really hot to wear Yukata since the body is all covered from hands to legs. But actually, it’s surprisingly cool to wear! Kimono and Yukata are breathable, they are designed to suit the hot and humid climate of Japan.
What makes Yukata feel so cool?
It’s because in traditional Japanese clothing for women and children, such as Kimono, Yukata, there are small openings in the sides of the clothing. The openings are located where the sleeves meet the bodice、below the armpits. These openings are called “Miyatsukuchi” in Japanese. The sleeves are breathable since the hands would enter only through the upper part of the sleeves, and the under parts are left empty. To make the Yukata and Kimono breathable is really important to deal with the heat.
So, what is the benefit of the small opening in the side of Kimonos? First, it improves the breathability of the clothing. Second, it’s very convenient to fix the clothing if it’s getting out of place. In addition, because the body is covered with the Obi belt, the opening would act as a doorway of air, especially for the armpit side which is easy to sweat. This basic form of Kimono has not changed since hundreds of years ago. The design is well-thought so the clothing is breathable and cool to wear, to enjoy summer time with so much fun! Let’s enjoy Yukata in summer time ♡
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