Let’s Wear Yukata in Summer This Year!!

Hello. It is Kimono Rental Wargo Arashiyama Ekimae Store. Summer is just around the corner. Last year, I heard a lot of people said that they couldn’t wear Yukata because of the heat and typhoon. If you didn’t get the chance to wear Yukata last year, let’s enjoy fireworks and festivals while wearing Yukata this year!!

Let’s talk a little bit about the history of yukata. Yukata originated in the Heian era (794-1185). At that time, steam baths were mainstream, so it is said that aristocrats began to wear the bathrobe called “Yukatabira”, which purpose was to protect their skin so they don’t get burnt when bathing. Because the place of wearing increased with the spread of the public bath, it came to be called “Yukata” for short, and it has settled as a kimono to wear in summer, not only after the bath nowadays. Yukata is easier to wear than regular kimonos, and the price is affordable, so it is popular with a wide range of age groups. A Japanese yukata is a cooling garment to wear. Like other forms of clothing based on traditional japanese garments, it is made with straight seams and wide sleeves. Unlike formal kimono, yukata are typically made of cotton rather than silk or synthetic fabric, and they are unlined.

Because yukata is a kimono originally worn on the hot steam baths, it was common to use cooling colors such as white, navy, and indigo fabric decorated with autumn’s flowers patterns. But nowadays, there are a lot of yukata using colorful fabric as the base, too. Red, yellow, and reversible obi belt was the most used obi back then, but it seems that the “heko-obi”, which can be tied in a really creative way, is also popular now.

Just like when wearing kimono, choosing small items/accessories to match your yukata is so fun! Do you agree?? (^^) For example, when choosing geta, there are may choices: oval-shaped geta, rectangular shaped geta, geta with two wooden teeth that run perpendicular to the base, etc. But the best geta is certainly the ones that won’t make your feet hurt. Make sure to choose the geta with the strap that feel comfortable on your feet! As for bags, a drawstring bag was a standard, but recently using a bamboo bag has become more popular. Make yourself look more stylish by combining the colors of your yukata, geta straps, and your bag!

It is recommended to wear the under garment for yukata even if it is said that it is stylish to wear it on bare skin. And if you are wearing a yukata with white based fabric, it is better to pay attention to the color of your underwear. The staff will give you advice at the store.

How about enjoying this year’s yukata with color or pattern that you don’t usually wear? Try and explore a new style♪ Have a wonderful time walking around the bamboo forest of Arashiyama, the colorful summer flowers of Tenryuji Temple! Enjoy your summer vacation in Arashiyama!

Let’s take a look at some photos of this week’s customers ^^




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