Delicious Lunch at Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka Riverside Dining


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August is almost over, the heat of summer is slowly being replaced by the refreshing breeze of the upcoming autumn ♪


From September, lunch at Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka will begin.

Nearly 100 restaurants, and other establishments will erect dining platforms along the western bank of the Kamo-gawa River in summer, and it is called Nouryou-Yuka in Japanese.

Dining on riverside platforms is a unique summer time experience in Kyoto.

Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka is being held between May and September, but lunch on the platforms is only available in May and September.

The price for dinner time might be a little high, but many restaurants actually have more affordable price for lunch time ☆


For more information you can access the website of “Invitation to Kyoto Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka” (京の風物詩 鴨川納涼床への誘い), click here!


There is more detailed information introduced on the site.

It contains the price range of each restaurant, the presence/absence of the dining platforms, etc, so how about checking the website to give you some reference?

Having lunch on a riverside dining platform while wearing yukata… It sounds fun ~

Kimono Rental Wargo still provides yukata rental service in September (^_^)

Next, it’s time for yukata introduction!








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