【Mamechiyo Modern】Kimono Rental

Konnichiwa! Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo store here!

Mamechiyo-san, a kimono stylist and also the designer of “Mamechiyo Modern Kimono” collection that are available at our store, has appeared on Kanazawa’s TV program!


Mamechiyo-san and the kimonos she introduced in the show were very stylish.

Mamechiyo-san has written many books about kimono and fashion.
You may have seen them in the bookstores.
She is a very nice person driving the kimono revival.
Our store is the only kimono rental shop in Kanazawa that provides Mamechiyo modern kimonos!



Please take a look of them at our store!
Why don’t you take a walk around Kanazawa with Mamechiyo’s modern kimono that looks unique and different from other kimonos?



The back side also looks very cute.

Please come to Kanazawa in your next holiday!
We are waiting for you at Kimono Rental Wargo Kanazawa Korinbo store!
See you!



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