Modern-Traditional mix Japanese kimono “Mamechiyo”

Good morning everyone!

It’s Kimono rental Wargo back again in 2017 ~

This time we would like to show you some of the kimono pattern that Japanese love so much, they are the

Mamechiyo Modern kimono】!!

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The main feature of this kimono is that they are all so cute and colorful, with many patterns from flowers, animals, stripe, etc. Therefore when you want to have a girls trip, kimono-date, or just for taking pictures with your family or friends, this kimono will fit perfectly for you ! Look at our customers with Mamechiyo kimono plan here~ (⌒▽⌒)♡




We provide this kimono plan in these #wargo stores:

☆ Kyoto Tower store

☆ Gionshijo store

☆ Shinkyogoku store

☆ Kiyomizuzaka store

☆ Osaka store

☆ Kanazawa store

(for Asakusa store, we do not provide Mamechiyo modern plan but Antique Plan instead ^^)

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We’ll be waiting for your visit~

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