“Nagoshi no Harae” Ritual and “Minazuki” Sweets

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Without realizing, we already entered the last days of June, this first half of the year has almost passed.
☆ Introducing Kyoto events and yukata coordination ☆
On June 30, a ritual called “Nagoshi no Harae” will be held at each shrine.
It means “Purification Ritual of Summer’s Passing”, allowing people to cleanse themselves of mistakes committed in the first half of the year and to pray for health and freed from disease and disaster through the second half of the year.
“Chinowa kuguri” is a procession in “Nagoshi no Harae.”
Chinowa kuguri is the tradition of walking through and around a large grass hoop.
The giant chinowa (the grass hoop) that appear at shrines are made of long wild grass and have a diameter of several meters.
Nagoshi no Harae was inherited from the tradition from the Nara period.
We wish you to get rid of the evil spirits and the disease through the large Chinowa set up in each shrine.
Wearing yukata would be perfect for attending this ritual (* ^ o ^ *)
The large hoop is really worth a look ☆
We also recommend you to eat the seasonal sweets called “Minazuki.”
Minazuki is a type of steamed cake topped with azuki beans, often sold during the ritual period.
Some shrines would have the Nagoshi no Harae ritual started from June 28th.
Here are some yukata and obi coordination ~





You can combine yukata with obi in similar color or the contrast colors.
Thank you ♪ ♪ ♪


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