Autumn in Kyoto! Introducing Original Souvenirs from Wargo

Hello, this is Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo Kiyomizuzaka store!
Although it is still hot during the day in September, we can already feel that autumn is coming!

Yukata and kimono will be available at the store throughout September.

And you can choose and switch between the two depending on the temperature of the day ♡ (^-^) ♡ The price for yukata rental and kimono rental is the same!

“I’m wearing a yukata but my feet are getting a little cold, what should I do?”

In this situation, please reach out to our staff and ask for a pair of tabi socks!

There are many customers who come to the store, compare yukata and kimono, and decide after consulting with the staff about the temperature of the day!

Recently, the collection of “obi-dome” and “sanbu himo”, obi decorations, string decorations, decoration fabric for obi belt, etc. has increased!

Would you like to go out with a look that is different from everyone else??

We look forward to welcoming you with luxury bags collection and lovely hair accessories ~ ♡
Right now, Wargo Kiyomizuzaka store is giving out “Tour Ticket” to our customers!

“Hmm, but what is a Tour Ticket??”

It is a discount ticket that can be used at Wargo Shops all around Kyoto (^.^)
You can use the voucher at “Kanzashiya Wargo” located on the 1st floor of the Kiyomizuzaka store.

It’s a Kanzashi specialty store!

There are about 700 kinds of items that carry the spirit of Japanese traditional craftsmanship!

How about getting some hairpiece as a souvenir?? Get a 10% OFF using Wargo’s Tour Ticket ♡
The other shop where you can use the voucher is “HOKUSAI GRAPHIC”, where you can get Japanese umbrellas and umbrellas with Japanese patterns, uv umbrellas, also ponchos and hats!

Please stop by to see the cute umbrella collection ♡
Another shop where you can use the voucher is “Chopsticks and Mansaku” and “Mansaku Gallery”.

From lacquered and traditionally crafted to pop-designed chopsticks and other tableware, the shop’s collection are great for everyday use and gifts!

In this shop, you can get your chopsticks stamped for free using the Tour Ticket.
There are many Wargo shops around Kiyomizu Temple, Gion Shijo Station, Higashiyama Sanjo, Kawaramachi, Kyoto Station, Saga Arashiyama Station and Randen Arashiyama Station!!

Please make sure stop by and get some souvenirs from Kyoto ~ (o ^^ o) /

Next, let us introduce our customers this week!


Both of them looked so good in yukata!

I hope you had a wonderful day ♪ (^^

See you later!


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