Osechi Ryori | Traditional Japanese New Year Food

Happy New Year!
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Did you enjoy Osechi Ryori (New Year dish) this New Year?
In recent years, not everyone is making Osechi Ryori (New Year dishes) by themselves at home anymore, many people buy their Osechi Ryori at a department store or a restaurant instead.

Osechi Ryori, a Japanese traditional dish, have a meaning to it!
Let’s learn about it together!

Some people say, the dish is served stacked as a symbol of wishes to accumulate happiness throughout the year.
Or that it’s a “celebratory dish” made as an offering for Toshigami-sama (god of the incoming year).

There are certain foods that must be served as a part of this celebratory dish.
And it varies for each region.

In Kantou area, these okazu (side dishes) are necessary for the Osechi:
Kuromame (黒豆) / Japanese black soy bean,
Kazunoko (数の子) / herring roe,
Tazukuri (田作) / candied sardines!

Meanwhile in Kansai area, these are the necessary okazu:
Kuromame (黒豆) / Japanese black soy bean,
Kazunoko (数の子) / herring roe,
Tataki Gobo (たたきごぼう) / Pounded Burdock Root

Kuromame symbolizes health, as the word “mame” originally means good health and strength in Japanese, kuromame (black beans) represents a wish to live and work in sound health during the next year.

Eating kazunoko on Japanese New Year symbolizes the wish for many children or grandchildren ahead.

Tazukuri is candied sardines, and eating these tiny fish on New Year’s symbolizes a bountiful harvest.

The tataki gobou in Kansai is also to wish for a good harvest.

I hope you like this little information about Osechi Ryori and the meaning behind each okazu!

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