The Seasonal Clothing is Changed into Yukata ♪

Today’s blog is from Kimono Rental Wargo Dazaifu Tenmangu Store!


All the Kimono in the store were changed to Yukata in July ♪.
There are a lot of kinds of Yukata, from Yukata with cool colors, cute patterns, to the chic ones with mature-look, all available at our store!
Yukata from Wargo’s affiliated Shop, Hiyori, is also very popular!
You can make the Yukata look very cute with the combination of Obi belt, a decorative brooch (Obi-dome), and an Obi cord (Sanbu himo) ~ ♪


And started from July, new hairstyles were added to the Standard Hair Set!


Style of “kururinpa” and braids on the side

Pretty Half-Up Dango

Bun with “kururinpa”

Downwards braided style

Let’s get your look transformed with these cute and stylish hairstyle (^^♪


Let’s wear Yukata when hanging out with girl friends, when going out on a date, or when going to Summer festivals and fireworks festivals!!

Please come to Wargo Dazaifu Tenmangu Store if you want to dress up in Yukata♪

Next, let us introduce some of our customers!!!






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