Seijin Shiki and The Story Behind Furisode in Japan

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As some of you might have known, a few days ago, January 14th was the Coming of Age Day Ceremony in Japan. Congratulation for everyone who turned to be “seijin” or becoming adult on this day!

Do you know why Japanese wear Furisode kimono in the Coming of Age Day ceremony?

Originally it was said that the kimono was born in the Edo period, and at the time it was a formal worn by young ladies and it seems that the sleeve length of the Japanese clothes gradually became longer.

And since the Meiji Period, the long sleeves kimono (furisode) is settled for unmarried women as gorgeous dresses to wear.

When going up to the stage and showing their dance, the long sleeves look gorgeous and beautiful. And that seems to be the result!
(ง. ⁎˃ ᵕ ˂) ง ⁾⁾

Recently more people from overseas are interested in wearing Furisode kimonos are increasing. We would be happy if Japanese traditional kimono can spread further to the world.

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Furisode Kimono






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