Summer Time in The Town of Art, Kurashiki!

Hello (^ _-) – ☆
It is Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan District Store!
Talking about Kurashiki, what comes to your mind?
Rickshaw?! Boat?! Denim?!
All of them are right, but…
Actually, Kurashiki Bikan District is known as “Town of Art” (^ ^ ♪
Around Kurashiki Bikan district, there are many art museums,
Such as Ohara Museum of Art, Kake Museum of Art, Kurashiki City Museum of Art and more than 10 galleries!
Many art facilities!! (^ ω ^)
In the “town of art” Kurashiki,
museums and galleries in the city, mainly in the Kurashiki Bikan district would exhibit a variety of art simultaneously,
in an event full of art throughout the town, “Art in Kurashiki” will be held for the first time in August!
At the same time, the restaurants will be offering “instagrammable” menu!!
Menu that not only taste good, but also look good!
In addition, you can get presents such as masking tape on the Stamp Rally if you can collect all the stamps!
(* ^ ^ ^ *)
Wearing a yukata while attending this event? Sounds exciting!!
★ Art in Kurashiki ★
Date and time: August 1 (Thursday) to August 31 (Saturday)
Place: Kurashiki Bikan district, Kojima district

There will be Stamp Rally, too
It seems that all members of the family can enjoy it (* ‘∀ `*)
As it is held for the first time,
I cannot help but look forward to it now (* ^ _ ^ *) ♪
While enjoying the art, with your family, couple and friends,
Why don’t you wear a yukata and enjoy sightseeing in the scenic area (● ^ o ^ ●)?
You can still wear a kimono during June (* ^ _ ^ *)

It suits the cityscape of the aesthetic area, right?

In Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki District,
We have a lot of yukata options,
Also optional accessories that you can combine,
It will be fun to think about your yukata coordinate ♪
When you come to the Kurashiki Bikan District,
Please come by Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan District Store (o ^-^ o)
Our staff will greet you happily!!
We’re really looking forward to see you!
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