Summer Kimono for The Remaining Summer Days!

Hello everyone! Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Komachi Store here!

The store in the photo above is a toy store named “Kuronuma”, it is located at one corner of Onari Street in Kamakura.

Here you can buy hand-held firework sparklers ✨

This store that has a Showa-Retro atmosphere that would fit perfectly with kimono.

You can take great photos of you wearing kimono at this store!

How about wear a kimono or yukata at Kimono Rental Wargo, stroll around Onari Street, buy some hand-held firework sparklers, return the kimono back to Wargo, and then go to the beach and enjoy the fireworks… sounds fun, right?

Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Komachi Store’s final Returning time is at 17:30.

If you want to wear the kimono or yukata until night, you can choose “Returning on the next day” optional plan for 1000 yen ✨

So here is our introduction to our customers this week👘

This couple is using men’s kimono plan and a summer kimono plan 💕

This customer is using a summer kimono plan 💕

You can choose between kimono and yukata from Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Store throughout September.

It is possible to change your choice between kimono and yukata according to the temperature of the day, so please feel free to contact us ☺️

Yukata is worn over an undergarment, and usually combined with clogs as the footwear.

Summer kimono is worn over a long under-kimono with collar, and usually combined with split-toe socks and a pair of sandals.

Wearing kimono will give you a mature and elegant look, so please try it out ❤️

See you in Kimono Rental Wargo Kamakura Store!


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