The Sunflower Garden of Japan

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The first week of August is about to end! How fast was it! Any plans for the month yet?^^

夏 と い え ば, ひ ま わ り!
[Natsu to ieba, himawari!  or ”Who says summer, says sunflowers!”]

Himawari (sunflowers) are a summer icon in Japan. We are presently of the peek of the season! You should not miss the chance to go look at them! We have made a list of the most recommended places in all the Kanto and Kansai region. Full bloomed sunflowers hunters will be served if visiting those key spots!!

Harvest Hill, Osaka


Yosano Himawari Festival, Kyoto


Showa Kinen Koen Tachikawa, Tokyo

Kouchan-chi Harvest in Setagaya, Tokyo

Zama-shi Sunflower Fields, Kanagawa


The sunflower is a very ephemeral flower!! Do not miss the right timing to peek at them this month before they fade away!! We also invite you to maximise your Japanese summer experience by putting a yukata on before going to those gardens. Yukata Rental Wargo have many adorable flower print available for you!! Do not only step in the garden; peek in the garden!!

We invite you to come pick up your favorite yukata in the Wargo garden of fabrics!! x)

Do not miss any seconds of the summer everyone!






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