A Brief History about The Coming of Age Ceremony Day | 成人式

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This week we just celebrated The Coming of Age Ceremony Day (成人式, Seijin-shiki) in Japan.

A young lady came to the store with her parents, early in the morning, to get dressed in kimono in our store.
It was very nice to see the parents happily waiting for their daughter to get ready (^^♪
The parents must be very proud and emotional to see their once little girl finally growing to be a beautiful young lady.


Today, “the coming of age ceremony” is celebrated when the person reached the age of 20, but in the beginning, it was celebrated when the person was way younger.

It is said that the coming of age ceremony’s root is the “Youth Ceremony” originated in 1946 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

At the time of collapse due to Japan’s defeat in the world war, the youth leaders of Warabicho, Saitama Prefecture, Shojiro Takahashi (later became the Mayor of Warabi) was the proponent at that time “to encourage and give hope to live for the young people”.
The Youth Festival was planned, a tent was set up on the venue, Warabi Daiichi Kokumin School’s schoolyard, and the Youth Festival was held.
Then the ceremony spread throughout the country and became the “coming of age ceremony” that we know today.

Affected by the “Youth Festival”, in 1948 the Japanese government was considering about making a holiday that has a spirit “to encourage and give hope to live for the young people”, and starting from 1949, January 15 was enacted as “The Coming of Age Ceremony Day”.

Although the situation has changed since the initial Youth Festival in 1946, but the core spirit stays the same, which is, “congratulating the young people for becoming an adult!”

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