Today is a good use for our umbrellas!


Hello everyone!

It was raining today.

But. . . . . Wargo is crowded with plenty of customers.

We are doing well! You can rent an original umbrella for only 500 yen.

To get the feeling of Japanese drift, it is a perfect design for kimonos, so do not hesitate to add on the reception desk when you come.

We also have prepared a Maiko umbrella that fits well with your kimono so please come to one of our shops! How is it for renting on a sunny day?

A Maiko umbrella can also be used at the time of shooting, it is very popular for women customers with items that really flourish.

When you come to wargo, how about a photo in commemoration?

That’s it, it is an introduction of our customers today.




Check the link below to see the other options…


or the see the photo services !


We will be waiting for your visit ^^