Try Making Snacks from Black Bean at Gion by Yourself!

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The rainy season has started.


Do you feel lazy in this hot and humid weather??


Does it stop you from going out?


Let’s go out and enjoy the things that can only be experienced in the rainy season♪♪


If there’s a shop that you want to visit, that requires you to queue up for so long,


Maybe it’s the perfect chance for you to visit it!


The line might be shorter than usual, and you can get into the shop quickly (^-^) /


Let’s explore Kyoto area in this rainy season while wearing kimono!



Our staffs went to a shop in Gion that specialized in black bean dish a few days ago!


It was really fun because we got to experience something new!


We managed to grind black beans with a stone mill by ourselves!


Firstly, we had a chance to taste various beans.


And then we had a lunch that uses black beans as the main ingredients!!


Black bean hamburger, black bean rice, black bean noodles, black bean natto tempura, black bean miso soup, black bean yomedofu… and so on.


After that, we had some desserts!


We had Warabi Mochi and black bean Mitarashi Dango and put black bean Kinako that we made on top of it!


Yes, we made the Kinako by ourselves!


We ground the black beans with a stone mill by ourselves and make our own Kinako powder. (With some help from the shop’s staff, of course :p)


We put a small amount of black beans into a small hole on the stone mill, and rotate the handle counter-clockwise.


Voila~ Black bean Kinako is ready to be served!


It tastes really good, Oishikatta~ ♡


• “Kitao” Gion (黒豆茶庵 「北尾 」祇園店)
Shop and coffee shop opens from 11:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
3 minutes from Gion Bus Station
8-minute walk from Gion Shijo Station


After that, we walked along Hanami Alley and went to Kenninji Temple!!


We watched the garden of Ryosokuin, it was so beautiful since it was Hangesho season!


Around the season of Hangesho, the plant changes the colour of its top leaves into white.


This makes the plants look interesting, therefore it attracts many people to visit Kenninji Temple.


When the Hangesho season is over, the leaves will return to green again.


I had a very peaceful time in Gion!!



When you visit Kyoto in summer, don’t forget to eat delicious food, have interesting experiences, and watch wonderful scenery while wearing yukata!!


We will help you coordinate your kimono style, so please come to Wargo Kiyomizuzaka Store ^^


We provide a rental service for stylish fans (300 yen) which is very useful in humid air,


also cute umbrellas (500 yen) which can be used when the rain suddenly falls!





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