Try This Famous Teahouse in Dazaifu: Oishi Chaya!

Hello! (^^ ♪
Kimono Rental Wargo Dazaifu Tenmangu-mae store here!!
Only when we thought that the temperature was getting cooler, the heat of summer returned.
Many customers that came to our store with kimono reservations changed their reservation to yukata due to the heat.
However, amaryllis flowers has begun to bloom on the banks of the rice field, and it means autumn is near! (^^)
Strolling around Tenmangu becomes fun when it gets cooler, so today we will introduce you to a famous teahouse.

[Oishi Chaya]

There is a stone teahouse in the deepest part of the Kitakami Pass in Dazaifu Tenmangu.
The name of “Oishi Chaya” was invented in year 23 of Meiji Era, and is based on the name of the mistress, Ezaki Ishi.
Her beauty and good-natured atmosphere made her became gained a good reputation and her shop became popular with the nickname “Oishi-Shan Store.”
Eventually, the rumor spread and was heard by the people in the city, since then politicians, businessmen, and artists started visiting her store.
You can see a glimpse of it in the photos displayed in the shop.



[Oishan Tunnel]

Next to the Oishi Chaya is a red brick tunnel made by coal mining king Taichi Aso.
It seems that it was made for those who visited Kamado Shrine and climbed Homan Mountain.
But there was a rumor saying that Ishi mistress dug the tunnel by herself so that the customers could go directly to her store.
What do you think? Which one is the truth?( ^ω^)


[Delicious Umegae Mochi]

At Oishi-chaya, diners can have umegae mochi (sweet bean and rice cakes) as well as meals.
Umegae Mochi is a kind of sweet invented in Dazaifu, it is basically a dumpling filled with red bean paste and wrapped in mochi.
It is good to have it inside the shop that has a retro atmosphere. It is also good to eat while enjoying the scenery outside the store. (^^ ♪

Near Oishi Chaya, there is Tenkai Inari Shrine, which is said to be the best power spot in Dazaifu.
Please wear a kimono at the Wargo Dazaifu Tenmangu-mae store before you start exploring Dazaifu area!
Now, let us introduce the customers who came to Wargo Dazaifu Tenmangu-mae store (^^ < Thank you very much for visiting Kimono Rental Wargo, we look forward to see you again!  


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