Tsuyama Gourmet & Autumnal Spots Recommendation!

Hello (^^) /
Kimono Rental Wargo Kurashiki Bikan district store here ♬

Okayama has many good spots where you can enjoy autumn leaves.
There is an area famous for its autumn leaves called Tsuyama City, located around 2 hours by car from Kurashiki City.
In this city, there is a restaurant serving foods perfect for fall season!

[Robatayaki Anami] / Hearth Grill Anami
Business hours: 11:00 to 15:00
Closed: Every Tuesday and Wednesday (open on public holidays), winter season
Access: About 40 minutes by car from Tsuyama IC Bus Stop


The shop is wide and you can see the greenery from the window and get closer with the nature.


It’s so relaxing ♡
Immediately after we took a seat, the food was coming!


First of all!
Here’s the shop’s specialty… Amago!!
It’s grilled with salt seasoning ♪
Its was grilled together with mochi ♪
The first time we tasted it,
The grilled fish was very soft and very delicious ♡
Happy~ ♡


In addition,
Amago sashimi, homemade tofu and Amago fish with pickled yam, miso soup, and other side dishes, everything was very delicious!
Our favorite dish was the sashimi! It was awesome! ♡


The Amago eggs tastes good and fresh too ♡
After having delicious lunch, we continued our trip with going to another destination.
After around 15 minutes driving, we finally reached this beautiful spot:

[Nuno Falls] (布滝)


If you go up the mountain and walk a little …
There is a wonderful waterfall!


There are also autumn leaves, the combination with the waterfall creates a breathtaking view!
The air was very fresh and it makes us feel healed ♡


The weather has becoming cooler now,
It’s a perfect time to go around Okayama while driving, and then have some delicious food, and let the nature heals you!


Refreshing is also important (^O^)/
In addition, there are autumn leaves spots in the Bikan District ☆
How about wearing a kimono and taking a walk around Kurashiki Bikan District ~ (^▽^)/?
We also provide optional added items such as Haori, muffler neck warmer, and Maiko umbrellas.
Please stop by when you come to the Bikan District!
Let’s take a look at the customers who visited us earlier this week.
We were so glad to meet you!
We are looking forward to seeing you again (^^)/



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