You Can Start Wearing Kimono from Now On!

Hello everyone, today’s blog is from kimono Rental Wargo Kyoto Tower Store!

Can you believe it’s September already?

The heat has calmed down a little.

The morning and evening are cooler and more comfortable♪

But it’s still hot during the day!

This year seems a little hotter than usual, so be careful with your physical condition!

Just like what write in our blog last week, kimono has finally made its appearance at Wargo from yesterday!

I think everyone agrees that kimono is cute ♡

Limited now! During September, you can choose between yukata and kimono, depending on your preference ☆

** Strolling around temples in yukata made from cooling fabrics during the day **

** Enjoy Nouryou-Yuka Riverside Dining in kimono on a cool night **

It’s only now that you can enjoy both of those two on the same day!

Please enjoy the season changing day by day♪

Please stop by when you come to Kyoto ♪

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Then it is time for customer introduction!


The first group is a couple.

The yukata with red flower pattern looks very gorgeous on her.

Its combination with the purple obi belt is also wonderful!

Thank you for visiting us ♪




The 2nd group is 3 women from overseas.

The customers came to the store in the evening to wear kimono.

All three had chosen colorful kimonos, all the kimono look great on them ♡

From Japanese swords, masks, and worship poses, the customers seem to enjoy Japanese culture very much ♪

It was nice to see them enjoying Japanese culture ♡

There will also be Silver Week in September!

Please stop by when you come to Kyoto.

We look forward to your visit♪


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