Welcome Golden Week in Japan!

Only two weeks left before Golden Week; have you decided your plans?

Golden Week is the collection of four National Holidays within a week.

Showa Day on April 29th
Constitution Day on May 3th
Greenery Day on May 4th
Children’s Day on May 5th

It’s a very busy and active period on one hand for the shopping, touristic and entertainment industry workers, and on the other hand an amazing period of vacation and distraction for both the tourists and the Japanese people.

Most of the activities offered everywhere around the country during this period are making direct reference to many traditional aspect of the Japanese Culture.

We would be honored to help you fulfilling your complete Japanese Culture immersion by matching the perfect kimono or yukata to your needs and personality.

Please feel free to place a reservation or contacting us by consulting the link below.


As an epilogue, we would like to remind you that we also offer a selection of kid size kimono. Let us make your child the king or queen of the Children’s Day by consulting the link below.


We are looking forward to hear from you.

Finally, enjoy photos from our customers!! ^^




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