What is Tanabata?★

With July opening it’s doors we can say officially that we are entering the middle, but also the peak of summer! The temperature rises, but so does the festival and occasions to have fun and hang out in Japan!!

Regarding this week, the question that kills is: Did you got your tanzaku ready for Friday!?

Wait, what is a tanzaku!?

And what is happening Friday!?




It’s Tanabata!! The day of the celebration varies among regions or country, but it’s usually celebrated on July 7th in Japan.

But what is it besides an adorable week where the country get covered up in lovely paper decorations?

Tanabata is also called the Star Festival and originated from an old Chinese celebration. It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi represented as two strong stars. The legend says that the lovers, separated by the Milky Way were allowed to meet once a year only that day. No need to precise that a day where divinities are allowed to meet is more than exceptional! We believe that incredible things might happen on Tanabata day.




The traditions and way to celebrate Tanabata are multiple. One of the most famous habits linked to the lucky 7/7 is the writing of tanzaku; small colorful pieces of paper on which we write our dreams, aspirations, wishes or gratitudes. When done we suspend them to the nearest bamboo and wait. If the rain cast it away it means that Orihime and Hikoboshi decided to make your wish come true or accept your request. The two Gods being so delighted by meeting again feeling like sharing their joys to the world by making the human’s hopes come true. The bamboo tree is usually burned or throw in the river at the end of the celebration.



It would be long to list all the ways to celebrate Tanabata; in all case, the most important ones remain in the writing of tanzaku and putting a yukata on to join the local festivities. Walk around those gigantic paper decorations dressed to make them jealous!

Believing or not, be a child again and let the city mesmerize you with all those colors, delicious food stall perfumes and that one day ”everything is possible” spirit.

Thank you once again for reading us today!

We are looking forward hearing from you!!★