What is the best Plan!?

Beautiful People, good evening!! ★

Today we decided to answer two questions that kill;

★ We want to rent kimono, but you always speak about yukata this summer. What is a yukata!? Also what is a ”Summer Kimono”!?

→ A kimono is very warm and is shaped by several layers. Also, the fabric that shapes it is often very rich and heavy. A yukata is the fresh version of a kimono. The fabrics are light and thin in order to resist summer heat; we wear it without the white nagajuban under it and with no tabi socks. As a simple version of a kimono, it allows you to move more freely and enjoy furthermore summer festival or outdoor activities compared to some type of kimono that can restrict your activities. Finally the ”summer kimono” is a hybrid between the yukata and the kimono. The outside layer is thin and made with the same fresh fabrics as the yukata. Still, we wear it with a white nagajuban under it and tabi socks. The ”summer kimono” represents the best alternative for those who wish to keep the formal aspect of the kimono but stay fresh beside the very hot weather.

★ Standard, Premium, High-End; what is different!? Which one is the best for me!?

→ Please take a look at the easy explanations below:


スクリーンショット 2017-07-05 13.40.25


★Standard Plan★

From ¥2,500, this plan is perfect for beginners or students!! They are 100% cotton made and focus on both classic and simple patterns available in very calm palettes. It’s basically the basics that can meet any type of needs or activities.


スクリーンショット 2017-07-05 13.40.50


★Premium Plan★

From ¥3,500, this plan is the most popular among our customers!! Also 100% cotton made, we find the difference with the standard yukata in the patterns. The Premium Plan offers more complex, flashy and fashionable motifs. The design presents deeper color textures and without a doubt will fill the needs of the fashionista clientele! You can also rent an original Wargo branded Hiyori yukata by booking this plan!!


スクリーンショット 2017-07-05 13.41.16



★High-End Plan★

From ¥4,500, this plan brings your yukata experience to the next level!! As with the Premium Plan, we find Hiyori original yukatas and also very extravagant and avant-garde colors and motifs in this selection. Besides this, the main difference resides in the fabrics! High-End yukatas are made of a special fresh mercerized 100% polyester fabrics making them fresher in the summer and also very easy to clean and care of. (Compared to cotton, this polyester barely moves and stay straight, making the iron almost useless!!)


We hope it answer your questions! Also feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries in mind!!

Thank you very much for reading us again today!

We are looking forward hearing from you!!★