What to Prepare Before Wearing a Kimono in Winter

Hello everyone!
Today’s blog is from Dazaifu Tenmangumae store.
Recently, it became totally cold even in the daytime…
Yes, we can feel that winter has arrived ~~
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

And do you know?

Half a year has passed since the opening day in our Kimono rental wargo Dazaifu Tenmangu store! !
Speaking of December, there are so many events and holiday~
What are your plans for year-end and new year?
How will you spend it?

For those who spend their new year in Japan, will you come to temple/shrine and do the hatsumoude (first visit) like how Japanese people do? (^^) (^^)

If you wear a kimono to make memories of such a wonderful event
How nice is it~ You will get different mood than spending it in normal clothes.
No doubt !!

Also, even if it gets cold, it’s okay!

Kimono itself has 3 layers, and we suggest you wear warm inner inside.

Then we provide some optional add-ons for you!

Very cute stole (¥ 500)
Fake fur (¥ 1000)
Haori / kimono coat (¥ 500-¥ 900)

Poncho, Shawl, even winter boots to match your kimono coordination! ♪

As you can wear kimono until the evening and have a nice time to relax
There are plenty of plans for returning (^ O ^) / (^ O ^) /

Next day return
【Plan to bring it to the store by 15 o’clock in the afternoon of the following day】
Extension fee 1000 yen will occur if it passes after 15 o’clock !

Home delivery return 1500 yen
【Things you borrowed on that day will be used by the courier during the next day
to our kimono rental store】
※ Shipping fee will be from the customer

We will wait for your visit  ♪

Well then, it is an introduction of our lovely customers who visited our store ☆


Thank you very much for reading Wargo’s blog again today!

We can’t wait to hear from you ^^

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